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IP SNG Newsgathering Broadcast Services.

Live streaming via KA-SAT Newsspotter and bonded 4G.


Eutelsat 9 degrees east KA- SAT satellite dish.

Tooway Standard Contested Modem 20:1
Newsspotter Modem dedicated 1:1

Video Encoders

LiveU 200E encoder with roof mounted external aerials connected to Eutelsat in addition to 4G LTE network.
The unit can be removed from the truck and used independently with the camera over four separate 4G LTE networks.
Mac Book Pro version of Quicklink


Sony PMW – 200 HD/ SD (BBC approved camera) shooting XDCAM.
Teradek “Beam” wireless transmitter allowing camera to roam line of site of SNG truck.

Alternatively, the camera can roam with LiveU connected to 4 separate 4G LTE networks independent of the truck powered by Vlock batteries for additional endurance.

Camera Equipment

Full ENG kit with:
Millar Tripod
416 rifle mic with radio transmitter
2 x Sony radio lapel microphones
2 X Sony ECM 77B
Top light
Panel lighting mains / battery operated
Sachtler reporter lighting kit with dimmers
Vlock batteries and charger
Teredak Beam SDI transmitter /receiver (line of sight between camera and truck)
Go-pro camera available


Distributed either by UHF radio or cable
2 x dedicated mobile incoming lines
1 x VOIP line incoming line
Soniflex TBU

Editing facilities

Desk with Mac book Pro FCP X edit facilities.
Cole Lip microphone
Sony Multi standard Engineering broadcast monitor
RMD4342 SDI HD monitors with built in waveform monitor displays

Internet connection

Client “always on” independent internet connectivity which fails over to second network if no 4G is available.

Radio Communications

1 x Tait TB7100 UHF base station
2 x Motorola UHF hand held radios


2 x SDI inputs to rear of truck
300 metre of two SDI to fibre military grade fibre cable connections (one incoming one out going)
CAT 5 connection to bridge


Sony Multi standard engineering broadcast monitor
RMD4342 SDI HD monitors with built in waveform monitor displays

On Board, silent Onon 9.7Kw Generator.

The generator supplies power not only to the truck but to externally via 16-amp connector
The truck will run from mains provided via 16-amp or 32-amp connection.
100 metres of mains cable for distribution.

First Aid Kit with trauma kit.