Newsplash live from central London via LiveU

Newsplash for “down the line”interviews

Newsplash live streaming sport

Newsplash live streaming the weather

Newsplash live streaming demonstrations

Newsplash live above the M20 and Operation Stack

Newsplash live from Downing Street

Newsplash for live multi camera productions

Newsplash for “down the line”interviews

Newsplash live streaming the spectacular

Newsplash live Brexit coverage from Dover

Newsplash for live streaming religious ceremonies

Newsplash for multi cameras productions


Whether you are a news organisation covering a major story, a corporation launching a new product, or streaming a religious service Newsplash and its partners can provide you with all the production facilities you require.

Newsplash's IP SNG Outside Broadcast truck streams over LiveU combined with KA-SAT thus providing a resilient stream from remote locations where 4G is either heavily contested or unavailable. If a locations is so remote and there is no 4G service available at all we stream entirely over KA-SAT.

Depending on the client's requirements, we stream direct to studios or for corporate clients to multiple CDNs and social media platforms.

We have access at preferential rates to our colleagues multi camera studio facilities with superb views over looking Central London that are unsurpassed.

Newsplash Making The Impossible Possible

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Newsroom on wheels

Our unbranded VW Transporter (affectionately known as the "RONSAT" ) can be hired as a virtual office on wheels, providing a comfortable environment away from inclement weather where journalists can surf the internet, monitor off-air channels, charge batteries and edit their story whilst enjoying a delicious coffee.

Covering news in London with LiveU

Our LiveU is available for hire together with a cameraman for covering news in central London. We can normally be in central London from our home base in Kent within one and a half hours by High Speed Train.

Like many European cities London is frequently congested and being tied to a vehicle is not always convenient particularly when it comes to parking. Therefore a local Uber seems the most logical choice for getting from A to B with equipment quickly within the city.

Major Events

For major events such as trade summits, historical anniversaries or state funerals, the "RONSAT" makes an ideal base to work from whilst in the field. For example the "RONSAT" was stationed within the grounds of Windsor Castle for the Royal Wedding on the 19th May 2018 for over a week where we provided dual paths for two stand up positions.

What if you do not use LiveU ?

Organisations that use systems such as TVU or Quicklink instead of LiveU can use our truck and still benefit from a reliable connection to the internet.

Such was the case on 4th August 2019 when French inventor Franky Zapata succeeded in crossing the Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard and landed at St.Margret’s Bay, Kent.

The vagaries of 4G meant there was no UK 4G reception at the landing site, only a weak French signal. Newsplash was able to provide our client with a reliable connection to the internet so they could live stream the event live without fear of losing the signal.

Mini OB Production Unit

Primarily the truck is used specifically for single camera news operations.

However, when equipped with a vision mixer the vehicle is capable of operating as a mini OB (Outside Broadcast) production unit. These facilities are intended for use at small scale events e.g. non league football matches, corporate presentations and religious ceremonies. Our vision mixer and other production facilities are portable and can therefore can be operated independently from the truck.

Live streaming direct to social media websites

From our MCR in central London we provide live streaming to multiple CDNs and social media platforms.


Mobile: +44 (0)7802828666


Newsplash is based in SE England close to the Channel Ports yet within one hour traveling distance of London. Our IP SNG OB truck can also be on French soil within an hour and is capable of streaming live video from virtually anywhere in Europe.